Sweety ICE

    Company SWEETY ICE was founded and incorporated 1.6 2010th. The company strategy is to produce quality, affordable but tasty frozen products and its direct distribution to contractual business partners throughout Slovakia.

    In line with this strategy immediately began to prepare for the construction of its own production and storage facilities. Construction works began in September 2010, manufacturing technologies were held in February and March 2011. Rapid pace of construction and installation works helped to start in early May with the production and gradually raise 35 kinds of our own products. Distribution covers the entire Slovakia and of course sell their own products, but apart from them also wide assortment of frozen products ranging from frozen vegetables over the semi-prepared meals, frozen fish and poultry.

    905.00 HUF
    1390.00 HUF
    Vanília- kakaó- málna- banán ízesítéssel
    120.00 HUF
    189.00 HUF
    Fekete ribizli-ananász-alma-citrom ízesítéssel
    120.00 HUF
    189.00 HUF
    Fekete ribizli-ananász-alma-eper ízesítéssel
    176.00 HUF
    279.00 HUF
    Vanília-tojáslikőr-csokoládé-karamell ízű poharas jégkrém
    69.00 HUF
    109.00 HUF
    Vanília jégkrém vanília vagy eper vagy csoki öntetben
    151.00 HUF
    239.00 HUF
    Vaníliás jégkrém, csoki bevonattal, vaníliás jégkrém mogyorós bevonattal...
    101.00 HUF
    159.00 HUF
    Vanília-csokoládé, citrom-eper ízű poharas jégkrém
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